Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Logansport, IN's Flatiron Building

Logansport, Indiana's "flatiron" building stood on a triangle of property bordered by E. Market, Fifth Street and Erie Avenue. The address was listed in the city directories as 505 E. Market Street.

It was built in 1889 by John Barnes and son James I. Barnes. Barnes' offices were on the ground floor. Apartments and other offices occupied space above. 

Almost all of the clubs in town met there, including Knights of Pythias. In fact, the Knights of Pythias bought the building in 1908. They paid $18,500.00 for it. This money was raised by a sale of stock among the K of P members. They kept the apartments and rented some office space, but they used most of the building for themselves.

Pool and billiard rooms and lodge rooms were "fitted out" according to the newspaper article in the day.

Some tenants over time included Dr. David Delzell's office, Bridge City Piano Company, Holland Furnace Company and apartment dwellers Lena Hooley, who was a milliner and Alice Kennedy who was a nurse.

Flatiron building can be seen, flags flying, left side of picture, Photo date 1919.

1952 Photo

In the 1950's to the 1970s AFL_CIO owned and occupied the building along with Hershberger Heating Company.

In the 1970s a young couple named Gary and Cindy Elvers rented the ground floor, front area, for their business, "Elvie's Records". 

Above: Erie Avenue (or south side) of the building.

October 27, 1976 Fire

Overloaded electric lines was determined to be the cause of the fire on October 27, 1976, which caused over $200,000 worth of damage. Soon after the building was condemned and considered to be dangerous according to city officials and construction crew men.

The building was razed in 1977 by Wolf Construction Company. A Spokesperson for the labor union was quoted in the newspaper report indicating that there were no immediate plans for rebuilding on the property.