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Logansport Indiana's Banker's Row Part Two

 As promised I am including more historical information.

Starting with a shocking photo of a portion of the "row" taken just after the Flood of 1913.

Here are some family names and house numbers. Please understand that the numbers changed on occasion, sometimes this happened when a new house was squeezed in, and I have kept my research notes with the following listings:

1895-96 addresses Taken from the Logansport City Directory

#86     Kreuzberger, Robert (#80 modern day house number)

NO #94? Grusenmeyer, Anthony lives in a house here but CD 1895 uses #96

#96 Porter, Wm (#128 modern) CD 1895 uses #96 for Porter also

#98 Medland, John wife Bridget

#108 Stevens, L. Benton wife Anna –owner lumber mill

#112 Stevens, R. D.

#116 Harwood, Francis “Frank” (#118) a tailor

#120 Lux, John wife Frances

#128 Furbee, A. L. wife Ellen – traveling salesman

#128 Knowlton, Ellen – widow of C. – Charles?

#200 Wilson, Thomas H.

#217 Brown, Levi

#316 Neville, James –wife Mary died this year 1896 –RR shops

#228 -230 Schneeberger, Mathias wife Mary – Columbia Brewing Co. employee also operates  A livery nw corner 3rd and Eel River Ave.

#330 Purcell, Charles

1911 Logansport City Directory:

#86 Case, Harry wife Carrie- no job listed 1897 he owns Island View Hotel/lives there

#90 Hoppe, Mrs. Mary widow of Henry1897 they live on Market – he’s grocer

#96 Seybold, J. Abner wife Jennie- Seybold Dry Goods, treas. 1897 lives on Market

#98 Medland, John wife Bridget- retired Architect


#100 Drompp, Fred wife Lena- pres. Stewart Dry Goods1897 lives on Wheatland

#103 Moroney, Matthew no spouse listed- work is Cass County treasurer

#104 Brookmeyer, John wife Edna – first nat’l bank cashier 1897  boards High

#107 Plank, Mrs. Carrie widow of James no listing for name 1897

#108 Stevens, L. Benton wife Anna - retired

#109 Small, John wife Susan – RR baggage handler


#112 Vacant

#116 Harwood, Frank M. wife Margaret- tailor

#120 Lux, Mrs. Frances widow of John (Sr.?)

#128 Porter, William wife Alice – owner Porter Drugs

#132 McConnell, Stewart wife Eloise - attorney

#136 Snider, William wife Mary – retired merchant


#200 Graas, Ferdinand  1897 lives on Wheatland

#204 Lux, Harry wife Josephine – typewriters, office needs 1897 lives Broadway

#208 Sellers, Edward wife Matie – SEE PHOTOS BELOW

#212 Seiter, Victor E. wife Martha – pres. Logan State Bank1897 boards 4th St

#213 Dolan, John T. wife Mary – engineer Panhandle1897 lives on George

#217 Michael, James wife Ida – foreman city street dept. 1897 lives Michigan Ave.

#222 (221) Wecht, George J. wife Mary – Saloon owner1897 lives Linden Ave.

#224 Eckert, John daughters Agnes, Louise – Saloon owner

#226 Castle, Mrs. Elizabeth widow of Peter who owned saloon 1897 lived Miami Ave.

#228 Leffert, Leo wife Clara – foreman Pharos 1897 lived Miami Ave.

#230 Schneeberger, Mathias wife Mary – Columbia Brewing Co. employee

(continues with “nw corner 3rd  J. M. Elliott  and the 300 block, which became firestone tire – commercial bldg)

200 Eel River Avenue, we suspect was the first large home built on the row.

Notes by year: 


Andrew McCaw (from Lafayette) owns #94, #98, #102 and #110


Gretchen & Todd Miller own #128 then bought #76 and #208 (at this time there are 18 remaining homes of the original 23)


The Jacksons, Harold & Brian own #210, the Victor Seiter home.


Making Eel River Avenue a “one way” street is proposed Pharos Tribune 12-14-2009, page 1


Making Eel River Avenue a “one way” street is proposed, once again.

July 18, 1895 homeowners are listed  - having violated the board of health order to hook up to the sewer system. – Page 3, Logansport Daily Pharos clipping:

More to come on this area and about the people who lived here...

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Logansport Indiana's Banker's Row

 Sine the late 1800s there stands a row of  stately old mansions on a large segment of Eel River Avenue in Logansport, Indiana. Not all of the homes remain, but most do. The homes were built by prominent citizens, merchants, attorney's and, yes, even bankers. The neighborhood was one of beauty. Social gatherings and family celebrations made the Society pages of the local newspapers of the day.

Above: from Logansport Star newspaper, 1874 April 28, page 2

1960s "Banker's Row" homes on Eel River Avenue.

80 Eel River Avenue

80 Eel River Avenue
Also 80 Eel River Avenue

88 Eel River Avenue

By the 1970s there were several new owners of the properties and the majority of these homes had been made into apartments. Not all of these apartment houses were well cared for. Sadly, much of the area became an eyesore. Rumors of drug use and drug sales plagued the neighborhood. 

94 Eel River Avenue in the 1980s Built circa 1890.
94 Eel River Avenue 2017 - south side of the house.

Also 94 Eel River Avenue

98 Eel River Avenue in 2019
98 Eel River Avenue in 1984

By 2019 empty lots were all that remained of some of the Eel River Ave. 
addresses. 102, 106, 110 and 114.

102 Eel River Avenue (gone)

102 Eel River Avenue

110 Eel River Avenue (center) Gone

110 Eel River Avenue (gone)

114 Eel River Avenue (pictured in 1984) Gone.

By the 1990s a campaign to save these historic homes was started by Gretchen Miller, with the support of her husband, Todd, which began as a way to show their children by example.
In 2001 Andrew McCaw purchased a couple of the houses with the idea to restore them.

118 Eel River Avenue

118 Eel River Avenue (1984 photo)

118 Eel River Avenue - 2018
118 Eel River Avenue (2018)

118 Eel River Avenue (south side of the home).

124 Eel River Avenue

2017 photo

2017 photo

128 (130 address added for upper floor) Eel River Avenue circa 1984

128-130 Eel River Avenue

128-130 Eel River Avenue

2017 newspaper clip

136 Eel River Avenue

136 Eel River Avenue in need of TLC.

136 Eel River Avenue - Indiana Landmarks restoration signage

140-142 Eel River Avenue built circa 1890.

140-142 Eel River Avenue

140-142 Eel River Avenue in modern times.

200, 204, 208, 210 & 216 Eel River Avenue

200 Eel River Avenue - one of the first, if not THE first big home on Banker Row.

204 Eel River Avenue

208 Eel River Avenue

By the mid 2000s 

The Jacksons, Harold & Brian, moved from another state to live on "the Row", By 2005 they also owned #210, the Victor Seiter home.

210 Eel River Avenue pictured in 1984.

210 Eel River Avenue in 2005.

218 Eel River Avenue

(216) 218 Eel River Avenue - during a yard sale in about 2017.

222 Eel River Avenue

226 228 Eel River Avenue (built circa 1900).

I will try to find time to add more historical information about this quaint area, such as a list of the original home owners. But for now I hope you enjoy the photos and knowing which ones are still standing.